Whey Protein Powder Nutritional Facts, What is in the Supplement Exactly?

Many people start searching for whey protein powder for weight loss, only to find themselves lost in the details of nutritional facts. Consider this your guide to learning what’s really in the supplement you’re considering (and what isn’t).

Standing in front of the catalog of protein powder options is often a very intimidating thing. With so many options that all claim to be the best and offer seemingly similar benefits, how can you know what you’re getting into? As with many things related to healthy foods, you’re going to want to take a few minutes to dive into what exactly goes into a supplement. This will give you the intellectual fuel you need to help you zero in effortlessly on what really is or isn’t a good supplement!

Whey protein powder nutritional facts

Fact 1. One of the leaders in healthy foods will be the potential of acream of rice whey protein powder for weight loss. Not all whey protein is made the same, though, and whey in and of itself is not enough to help boost your body further. Here’s what you really need to focus on for nutritional facts!

Fact2. The source of the whey protein- Whey protein comes from beef, as you likely already know. If you want to get as powerful a protein source as possible, shop exclusively for whey protein concentrate that comes from 100% grass-fed cattle. This helps you get the benefits of better strength and muscle development, with no concerns about substituted diets and chemicals found in commercial feed.

Fact 3. Inclusions of antioxidants and OPCs- A responsible powder will also contain a variety of antioxidants and OPCs. These additions help add extra fuel to bone development and muscle repair. If your protein powder is just straight whey protein, you are missing out on an entire approach to strengthening your body.

Fact 4. A blend of greens and herbs- These aren’t just for flavor. They pack a powerful punch in powder form, especially when looking at extra calcium and other nutrients and vitamins that are naturally occurring.


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